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Butch Bodies Lino Print

£8.00 - £12.50

  • Image of Butch Bodies Lino Print

An A4 sized lino print, in red ink on pastel pink card. These lino prints are all hand-printed, and so there will be variation between prints, slight misalignments and slight misprints.

I also have some imperfect prints available - these either have parts of the ink more faded than I would like, or they are misaligned, or the ink is oversaturated.

Please note: all orders are untracked - you can purchase tracked shipping separately.

Image of Butch is Beautiful Lino Print
Butch is Beautiful Lino Print
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The Lovers Lino Print
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Body Positivity Lino Print
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Image of En Garde! Lino Print
En Garde! Lino Print
Image of Pride Donation Lino Print
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Image of Shibari Rope Lino Print - Xian
Shibari Rope Lino Print - Xian
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Killing Eve Lino Print
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